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HaMsE Medical Video Recorder

HaMsE Medical Video Recorder is the latest medical imaging reorder, it is designed for quick setup and easy use. It includes a 4.3-inch bright and clear display and detects video connection automatically. The front panel allows users to record videos and photos in crystal clear FULL HD and allows users to connect 2.5 inch HDD inside for reliable recording and data backup. And users also can record videos and photos on a USB flash drive and USB HDD to archive, share, and playback on locations and other devices. It also includes a USB 3.0 port to connect to.

The front panel is designed to be instinctive and easy to navigate, even first-time users are able to record videos and still images. Little to no training is required. Easy, one­ button FULL HD video recording starts.

With most video interfaces ­ SDI, DVI, VGA, HDMI, Component video, and  CVBS, and it detects video connection automatically. Also includes HDMI output, and loop out for SDI and  CVBS.

Portable Medical Video Recorder

Portable MediDVR, PM2- the second generation dual video input portable medical video recorder, is the first and most affordable, standalone, compact, and versatile high definition recorder solution. It combines superior image and video quality, extensive easy control, various removable storage media, a modern USB Type-C Charger, a tripod mount, and a range of innovative features.

It is a standalone recorder, the internal battery can supply surgical recording up to 6+ hours. External medical grade power adapter or power bank can be connected for longer recording time or fully charge the battery in 2 hours quickly while powered off. It is as small as a palm that you can take it anywhere with you.

Medical Video Recorder

Medical grade video recorder, MD2- the second generation MediDVR, is the industry’s most affordable and versatile high-definition recorder solution. It combines superior image and video quality, all versatile inputs, extensive easy control, various removable storage media, and a range of innovative features.

MediDVR can record high-definition crisp 1080p video from the endoscope, arthroscopy, surgical camera, C-Arms, ultrasound, etc.

New MediDVR has a 4.3” resistive touch screen and user- friend operation even with gloves and is a universal and easy operation, no special training is required. It is just plug & play.

Meanwhile, MediDVR supports real-time streaming by connection to the hospital network. It enables the live transmission of procedures to other practitioners or students outside of the operating theater for training or monitoring purposes on a PC or iPad/iPhone.