SR10-120 is ideal for the protection of critical information and telecommunications networks which cannot run the risk of being powered from a poor quality electrical supply.

The SR10-120 series is available in 10-12-15-20 kVA three-phase and single-phase input and single-phase output models, and 10-12-1520-30-40-60-80-100-120 kVA three-phase input and output models, with double conversion on-line technology according to the VFi-SS-111 classification, as defined by the iEC EN 62040-3 standard.

SR10-120 has been designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies in order to deliver maximum protection for critical users, a zero impact on the mains power supply and high operating efficiency.

The high level of flexibility at the design stage means that there is full compatibility both with three-phase power and with single-phase sources, thus eliminating any critical factors in the connection between uPS and system.

Main Features:

  • Reliable, filtered, stabilized and regulated sine wave output (double on-line conversion technology VFi according to EN50091-3 standard) with filters for atmospheric disturbance suppression
  • high reliability: igBT Technology in rectifier and inverter, high-frequency PWm, transformerless, fully digital control with a microprocessor, no-break static and manual transferring
  • Cleaned source: power factor correction for unitary power factor and very low input ThDi%
  • First class in efficiency: high operation efficiency up to 96,5% in normal mode, up to 99% in eco-mode operation
  • Low noise levels: the high-frequency PWm for rectifier and inverter allows very low audible noise
  • Flexibility: SR10-120 can be set for several configuration as normal mode, smart mode and stand by off
  • maximum reliability: SR10-120 can work in parallel up to 6 units. The uPS continues to operate in parallel even if one of the communication cables is disconnected
  • Battery care system: SR10-120 is suitable for use with sealed VRLA, Agm, gEL or open-vented load acid batteries, Ni-Cd batteries
  • Temperature voltage compensation
  • Deep discharging controlled by microprocessor with load and main levels (sharing power mode suitable within -40% Vin)
  • High power availability: the output factor 0,9 providing up to 15% more active power than traditional uPS and more load expansion
  • Low management cost: the transformer less technology allows the lowest footprint in this category. The SR10-120 design allows front, top, and sides access

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